the artist
After studying at the Harris School of Art in Preston for two years, I moved to Manchester to specialize in sculpture at Manchester Regional College of Art & Design. Here I gained experience working with a variety of materials including steel, concrete, fibreglass & resin, wood and clay. I left after three years with a BA (Hons) degree …..and my future husband, fellow sculptor Chris Williams.

Earning a modest living doing freelance artwork, I found I had an affinity with the tactile properties of clay as a medium and so began taking on sculpture commissions which enabled me to work from home and be with our young son Aaron, as he was growing up.

My work has included commissions of figurative work for both private clients and for companies such as Royal Doulton and Heredities in the UK and Franklin Mint in the US.

As I have always had an interest in anatomy, the human form provides a constant source of inspiration. Aspects of ‘The Human Condition’ and also the Buddhist philosophy of non-attachment are themes I explore in my sculptures. I use metaphors to convey the problems of communication – real or imagined barriers, the illusion of freedom, and man’s conditioned response to the human situation.

The interpretation of reality, restricted not only by obstacles of habit and prejudice, but also by the limitations of our senses, is another recurring theme that influences my work.

An important element in my life is a serious concern for the lives of animals in our world. For many years I have been a committed ethical vegan and campaigner against the routine abuse of animals in industry. This concern has prompted new sculptures I am currently working on.

Most of my sculptures are one-off pieces in high fired stoneware, often combined with wood and metal.